Terms of Service

I am a huge fan of The Legend of Heroes series, as I'm sure some of you are. I paid $220 CAD for these CDs and decided to spread the love and share them with you. All I ask is that you follow these terms when it comes to this site.
  1. Under NO circumstances are these songs to be uploaded to others sites. If I find out this is happening, I will take action. Do not ruin it for everyone else.
  2. Do not rip music from the Jukebox. It is meant for people to stream music, not download.
  3. Do not email me and ask for the entire soundtracks. I will not give them to you- instead I ask you to please support Falcom and buy them (see the faq for buying instructions).
See, that wasn't so hard! If you see people breaking my ToS, please let me know- I would really appreciate it!